Saturday, December 22, 2012

Astrophotography : Day Moon with iPhone

Equipment used for following daytime astrophotography and videos of moon was 70mm refractor without moon filter, 10, 20 & 4 mm eyepieces. iPhone camera.

Un-magnified view of the day scene with moon when the pictures were taken is shown in following image.

A 10mm and a 20mm eyepiece was used for following 2 photographs respectively.

Below two pictures were taken with a 4mm eyepiece.

Below picture is taken with 10mm eyepiece and 70 mm refractor telescope with iPhone auto focus.

Video 1: Daytime moon with low power eyepiece.

Video 2: Daytime moon with higher power eyepiece.


1. Start with low power eyepiece.
2. Usually results are better due to reduction on vibration with a low power eyepiece.
3. Above two tips apply to general sky gazing with amateur telescopes too.


  1. May you please add a little related very basics about the telescope, I totally understand that for you its a hobby project. But May you define few use cases so that some basic problem can be solved , means ? can if some one knows it then it can be help full e.g. some agriculture related things or weather related things

    [ Sorry I know just telescope can be sued to watched the far sky objects :-(]