Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Get started on Telescope?

          A telescope suddenly one day came to my thoughts and mind said get one. As what you should do these days go and check out online, I went online and searched information and products. Entry level telescopes costs around one hundred us dollars, watch out for shipping. On line deals are best I first thought. And looking for two three days I almost gave up the idea of getting one and put it on wishlist as I started some other activities. How often really do you do what you think of?

          On Black Friday I went very late to shop most of deals were fished out as expected. And there were these big boxes stacked on top of each other. The telescopes were on throw away price not because of Black Friday but because of big box inventory holding, higher handling costs and it was totally not a sky watch season at all. Whatever be the reason the clearance deal was great just like pay the shipping and handling and the telescope is yours for free. In retail, customer is always the king if not in desperate need.

          I thought it will be again a step into "nerdomy" if I pick the telescope box up. And walked out without picking it up. Some friend encouraged over tweet that it will not make me more nerdy. Knowing tweet is not totally perfect; feet yet walked back to get the telescope as I wanted to do that, as you know from the start of this article.

          And I got started on telescopes.

          Main point is.

          Simple buy a low cost telescope and get started. As you start you may not actually discover stars but but there are many fun things on the way you will learn and discover for yourself.

          This Telescope was used to create above Moon Video. Originally shot in HD. Video quality reduced for blog.

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  1. May I know that how much you spent to buy this telescope ? Do you recommend any one to "hello world" users ?