Thursday, December 6, 2012

Celestron PowerSeeker AZ70 Review

          This is a great telescope for starting. It is airtight refraction scope which keeps it free of dust from inside. 70 mm Aperture is sufficient for starting with good results in armature astronomy. Tripod is nice. This image is of Jupiter below and some nebula, suggestively may be achieved with PowerSeeker AZ70.

          Requires a little assembling to use but it is fairly easy. It comes with assembling instructions but steps are fairly easy to assemble it without reading though reading is recommended  Provided with it are 3 eyepieces. The eyepiece of power 20 is most proffered. The other 2 eyepieces are more in power and can be used as appropriate. The 3X Barlow is included in package but its a lot of magnification. It is kind of semi portable and one person can carry it around preferably in a car trunk. It also makes a good corner show piece standing tall in a room if you are totally done using it. Bird watching results are also good but the mount is not easy for tracking. Red dot find scope works great. Eyepieces are plastic. 

Math Points:

Way powerful magnification for collected light if used at maximum. Use low power for good results to start.

The Find scope was found to be awesome.

Azimuth mount is not a great design for tracking but costs less.

Robust and fairly portable.

Results are great looking at this price range similar scopes.

          Above picture is Find Scope to spot objects in sky map. It comes with a battery included.

          I found this tray on the tripod useful to keep eyepieces and tools during operation and changing tools.